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Heart Health: Taking Charge

Mason-Dixon Arrive, May 2009

May signals the winding down of school and the heart of spring’s beautiful displays of vibrant colors and delightful weather. And speaking of hearts, May is also a time to celebrate the wonderful, important women in our lives – Mothers. This Mother’s Day, we focus on women who have taken charge of their health and have exhibited a commitment to heart health and living a healthy life. Heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 3 killers of American women respectively, and women across the Mason-Dixon region have heeded the call to make dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of heart disease, live an active life and simply feel better by getting up and getting moving.

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Go Red for Women

Mason-Dixon Arrive, February 2009

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of American women. It’s an indisputable fact, proven by the American Heart Association (AHA); however, many women are at great risk for some form of heart disease – or are already showing symptoms of heart disease – and are not aware of their condition.

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Fighting Cancer Every Day

Mason-Dixon Arrive, October 2008

Life is filled with ironies from time to time, some interesting and amusing – others surprising and scary. For Stacey Keen, M.D., eight years ago she dealt with irony, and unfortunately, it was of the latter kind.

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What’s HOT at the Spa!

Mason-Dixon Arrive, January 2008

A New Year brings a fresh outlook on life and a chance to start anew. Whether it’s looking for a new career or relationship, going back to school or getting in shape, January is the time to say “goodbye” to last year and “hello” to a New Year. And while weight loss and exercise are usually the primary body focus points for most people, why not start the year off by pledging to take care of your skin, body and soul by taking advantage of some of the exciting new services and medical advancements found at area spas? The Mason-Dixon region is home to a bevy of fabulous spas, each offering their own approach to skincare, body treatments, massages and spiritual and mental awareness. So, treat yourself for surviving the holidays and do something wonderful for your body and soul.

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Winter can be a SAD time

Baltimore Sun, February 26, 2006

With winter winding down and spring just around the corner, most Americans – especially those who live in areas with harsh winters – are anxiously awaiting the onset of warmer temperatures. While most in the mid-Atlantic are simply a little stir crazy, tired of shoveling snow and ready for spring’s more pleasant weather and the arrival of baseball; for others, winter’s shorter days result in more than just the “winter blues.” Instead, these individual suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that can cause irritability, disinterest, loss of energy, weight gain and possibly even suicidal thoughts.

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Personal training is for everyone

Baltimore Sun, December 2005

We’ve all done it. You flip through the latest issue of People magazine or watch the pre-Oscars “Red Carpet” show and say, “I want to have a body like Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox – or Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel or Reese Witherspoon … even after she’s had two babies. What’s their secret?” Well, besides some clever airbrushing in magazines, many celebrities rely on the expertise and dedication of a personal trainer to stay fit. However, personal trainers are not only for celebrities and professional athletes. Whether you find one in your health club or seek out a personal trainer on your own, the benefits are endless.

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Hit the slopes – on a board

Baltimore Sun, November 2005

Long portrayed as a sport for the 20-something, skateboarding types, snowboarders used to be considered those crazy people who get in the way of the serious skiers on the slopes. However, snowboarding continues to soar, and in 1998, it became an Olympic sport (although its Olympic history got off to a bumpy start when the first gold medal recipient, Canadian Ross Rebagliati, tested positive for marijuana and had his gold medal stripped away; courts later reversed the decision and returned the medal). The Americans’ dominance at the 2002 Olympics garnered further attention to the sport, one that combines skill, athleticism and a little courage.

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Support to help you stick with it

Mason-Dixon Arrive, April 2005

“This is THE year that I’ll lose those extra pounds. The gym is having a special on new memberships, so I’ll join and go every day.”

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New treatment advances help fight prostate cancer

Baltimore Sun, October 2004

The statistics can be frightening. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for men and is the second leading cause of male cancer deaths, exceeded only by lung cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be about 230,900 new cases of prostate cancer in the United States in 2004 and that one in six men will get prostate cancer during his lifetime. Thankfully, there is good news: only one in 32 men will die from the disease and the death rate is going down, thanks in part by early detection and new advances in treatment options.

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Don’t break a leg!

Maryland Family, August 2004

Kids will be kids, right? Parents who are lucky enough to get their kids away from television and video games and get outside for some exercise will occasionally have a scratch, bump or bruise to bandage up, but that’s just part of being a parent. But what happens when bumps turn into breaks, and the breaks start happening more and more often?

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A looming health danger

Baltimore Sun, May 2004

As one grows older, there are a host of common side effects as your body ages. Many mature adults experience fatigue, frequent urination, hunger, dehydration, sexual dysfunction and vision issues. Since these conditions are commonplace with your peers, it’s easy to dismiss them and say, “I guess I’m just getting older and slowing down a bit.” However, ignoring these conditions — as most Americans do — can be harmful because for some adults, these conditions are not just another downfall of aging; they may be symptoms of a common, yet serious disease — Type 2 diabetes.

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Get out there and play!

Washington Post, April 2003

Spring is finally here, and after the winter Washington, D.C.-area residents just endured, everyone is anxious to get outside, enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise along the way. However, once you get that initial taste of the outdoors, how do you sustain the momentum and not fall back in the easy pattern of a sedentary lifestyle? Simply, choose your favorite sport and join others with the same interest in one of the hundreds of sports leagues and clubs in the area.

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